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A Better You

As we age, our health and happiness become more important than ever as does our determination to make every minute count. 

At Boom Baby Boomer we will explore ways to improve our wellbeing and our future.  We will cheer for and learn from those trying to overcome health challenges and applaud those brave enough to make changes late in life to maximize their baby boomer years.


At the start of each year we seem to automatically reflect on what we've done in the past twelve months and what we hope to do in the next. We have this reflex because life is a journey. Full of steps, missteps and steps yet to be taken.

As baby boomers we are at least half way through our journey on this earth so perhaps it becomes even more important to assess our past and focus on our future.

Some of us journey alone, some journey with a spouse, some with a friend. But journey we must. Each day presents new opportunities. So why not use them to journey well?

A Left Turn

It was July 10, 2008, when my brain abruptly took a left turn. Suddenly nothing was or is the same.


The week before I had spent most of my days crammed inside a hot car with a news photographer working on an undercover, investigative story, highlighting the street drug sales on what is known as the "naughty" north side of Minneapolis. The surveillance was paying off big time. We got what we call multiple targets buying and selling.

Bunions Be Gone! Part II

Days Seven through 12

It's amazing how much I can sleep. There must be something about this surgery that's more traumatic than it looks, because the sleep feels necessary. I know painkillers make me drowsy, but 12 hours a day? On the other hand, sleeping helps pass the time.

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